Ulha 2B is one of the protagonists in Neal: the mechanical age. It is the core figure of the game plot and one of the roles that the player can play. Ulha 2B is a universal combat robot that is sent by human beings as a member of the regiment, with a female appearance, because she is always wearing a big eye mask, so she can only see a little face.

Neal: the first act of the reading ceremony of the mechanical era Official Concert “human form memory” recorded 4 times of 2B’s execution of 9S, but the total number of times was more than 4 times. As a result of the long-term simultaneous execution of the task, the relationship between the two people is gradually close, which makes 2B every execution of 9S a great pain for her, and she hates this task and the relationship with 9S. All living things are designed to end. We are forever trapped in a never-ending whirlpool of life and death. The monologue of 2B in the prelude