Seria Krumin, NPC in Dungeon Fighter Online online game. It is located in the Sai Ya Hotel to provide novice tutoring and game information for the players. It is the adventurer’s first companion who guides the adventurer’s beautiful girl and knows everything. Before the annihilation, it was said that she was an elves, a memory of the immemorial elves, and in search of the source of this mysterious memory, she chose to live in the most similar line of defense that lived in the same scene as his memory.


  1. Before the destruction, she sought to find the source of her mysterious memory, and she chose to live in the Alvin line closest to her memory. Before the destruction, there was a rumor that she was the reincarnation of the elves, so she possessed the memory of ancient elves. After the destruction, saillia lived in a silver village and led alchemist Morgan and Tana, the guardian of green, to guide players on adventures. After the fifth edition of the original version [zero], to embarked on adventurous adventures together with adventurers.