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Oppai Mouse Pad

What is oppai mouse pad? This kind of mouse pad is very popular in the market. The mouse pad is usually printed with the chest and hips of anime characters, which makes people look like real. The anime boobs mouse pad, which is made of the chest or chest muscles of anime characters and game characters, it will bring strong shock no matter you look at it near or far away. it seems that you see a living anime character lying down on your desktop.

The anime boobs mouse pad’s pattern is hentai, and often cause otaku uproar because of the chest pattern! The more popular 3D mouse pads are: League of Legends 3D mouse pads, Overwatch mouse pads, Hentai 3D mouse pad, Azur Lane 3D mouse pad, KDA 3D mouse pad etc.

Anime Boobs Mouse Pad Functions

The ergonomic design and large-scale movement of this anime boobs mouse pad can improve the efficiency of your computer.

To relax your wrist, it comes with a non-slip bottom for a real touch.

During use, it provides soothing support, which redistributes pressure points for superior comfort.

Because wrist rest, arms and hands will not be hurt by soreness. it make you to feel boobs of anime characters.

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It’s everything I ever wanted in a mouse pad, funny and yet wonderfully supportive of my wrist while I click around on the internet.this is what you need.

Cascara (Mexico)

Anime Boobs Mouse Pad Characteristic

Added wrist rest to improve hand comfort and make the mouse pad more comfortable to use.

The part of the wrist rest is generally higher than the plane of the mouse pad, wrist rest is generally made by printing boobs of anime or game characters.

The higher the smoothness of anime boobs mouse pad, the more smoothly the mouse can move at a stable average speed.

Anime boobs mouse pad have different sizes can be choose, such as 320mm x 270mm x 30mm, 210mm x 270mm x 40mm, you can feel oppai, boobs is very comfortable and has a unique feeling.

Anime boobs mouse pad is very tough and not easy to bend, it is generally 4mm thick, and it will not be felt when using it.

The thick, gelatinous wrist rest provides excellent support and will not be affected even after long-term use.

The presence of a non-slip bottom keeps the wrist support firmly in place. The use of high-quality materials produces a soft surface that is pleasing to the touch.

Anime boobs mouse pads provide personalized comfort. There is no need to worry about stability when using it, as the non-slip bottom ensures that the pad is securely held in place.

In addition, the use of high-quality materials creates a soft surface that you can reach at your fingertips.


What are the advantages of a anime 3D oppai mouse pad?

The advantage of 3D oppai mouse pad is that it is beneficial to protect the desktop used by the mouse, and it will not damage the desktop during the use of the mouse.

Is the anime boobs mouse pad good for use?

It can reduce the accumulation of debris at the bottom of the mouse to a limited extent, thereby reducing the phenomenon of frame skipping on the display during the use of the mouse, effectively enhancing the precise positioning of the mouse during use, and reducing the impact of various external factors on the mouse.

What's so bad about not using a mouse pad?

The disadvantages of not using a mouse pad are that it cannot ensure the accuracy of mouse positioning, and the wear on the foot pads of the mouse is too much.

How to clean the anime boobs mouse pad?

When cleaning the anime boobs mouse pad or oppai mouse pad, put the mouse pad in the water and soak it, then apply detergent, and use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the protruding wristband. Do not force too much, do not twist, paving the mouse pad, the flat part of the 3D anime mouse pad is not easy to get dirty.

ACG.RE releases anime boobs mouse pads for anime lovers and gamers every year. Made of Lycra material, its surface forms a unique 3D boobs. When designing, otaku’s preferences are fully considered. There are various anime hip or chest 3D mouse pads to choose from. The ACG.RE mouse pad provides a sensitive response to the movement of the gaming mouse and smooth movement. Its thick silicone bottom allows it to be firmly fixed at the work place. ACGRE will become the most popular mouse pad on the market for anime game lovers